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HeadStart Sports Massage Clinic, Cambridge

Sheraton House, Castle Park, Cambridge CB3 0AX, UK – 01223 603547

I'm in my sixties, a semi-retired teacher, volunteer at Duxford and gardener. I have never considered myself athletic or sporting - the last time I took part in any organised sports was fifty years ago in school. I do however try to stay reasonably active. For five or six years my left knee and hip have been stiff and uncomfortable, at times painful. Two months ago I developed quite severe pain in my other knee, elbow and shoulder. Following a friend's recommendation I contacted Vicki. Over the course of three appointments in two weeks Vicki has worked to reduce the pain in the recent problem areas to easily manageable levels and has begun to address the longer term hip and knee problem. Vicki's treatments have impressed me tremendously, both in the extent and the speed of their effects, with me now feeling far better than I thought or hoped would be possible. Her upbeat attitude has also lifted me from a sense of "It's all downhill from here" to seeing that continuing pain free mobility is definitely an option. Highly recommended.

Huge thanks to Magdalena from HeadStart Clinic for taking great care of my knees during the preparation for a sports competition. Her combination of massages + strengthening exercises (and her mix of cheerfulness and seriousness) were ideal to alleviate both the physical pain and the anxiety about injuries. It's also really easy to book appointments with HeadStart, including on the same day!

Hollyoak Veterinary Surgery

St George's Way, Impington CB24 9AF, UK – 01223 232111

I've had good experiences of taking my dog to Hollyoak over the years for various health issues. However I don't feel I received good advice there about my dog's behaviour. My dog has had behavioural problems and we have seen a behaviourist (unconnected with Hollyoak) for these issues who has been really helpful. However before Christmas her behaviour became much worse and knowing that when she is in pain her behaviour becomes worse I was keen to establish if there was a physical/medical reason. The vet told me that I should think about getting our dog put down and didn't do a thorough examination. She didn't take my dog's temperature. However, two weeks later we were back and a back problem was diagnosed and she had a temperature. After being put onto pain killers and anti-inflammatories her behaviour improved immediately. I was very disappointed with this visit and don't feel inclined to go back.

I've had my last 3 dogs looked after by the staff at hollyoakes and I'm more than pleased with everyone at the practice. Every one is loving to our pets and they really love coming to the vets.!!! Can't recommend them highly enough. A brilliant vets.👍

Alternative Medicine around Cambridge

Alternative and complementary medicines and therapies in CB4

Aromatherapists around Cambridge

Jennie Hart Aromatherapy

33 New Rd, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9LU, UK – 07841 197783

I have had two different treatments with Jennie; a facial and a massage. The location is great and Jennie is welcoming and explains the whole process beforehand. Unlike your standard beauty salon, this doesn't eat into your massage time which is fantastic, because it means you get the entire massage or facial time, for just that. The experience is just sublime - you come out feeling relaxed and content. Furthermore, Jennie's prices are really reasonable. I can't recommend Jennie enough and am very glad I found her in the area! My next massage is already booked.

A wonderful warm welcome and a lovely relaxed space. A great choice of treatments as well as options for a relaxing or uplifting experience. Plenty of advice about appropriate stretches too. It was a lovely touch to send me home with a little of my oil blend to extend the experience. Highly recommend booking a treatment.

Aronson Steven

25 Oxford Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PH, UK – 01223 315400

Steven has treated one of our dogs many times over the last 18months and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

First Health Chiropractic

4 Mayfield Rd, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0PH, UK – 01223 967481

Very Good . He Made Me Feel Alot Better !

Spritely Osteopathy

Spritely Osteopathy, Unit 23, Science Park Innovation Centre, Milton Road, Milton, Cambridge CB4 0EY, UK – 07527 583183

Had an appointment with Matthew earlier today to see if he could help with my wrist and finger pain. Not only did he manage to provide significant relief on first visit but made me very relaxed from the get go. I’ll certainly be going back for some follow up appointments. I’d highly recommend making an appointment with Matthew

Friendly service and helpful treatment

Homeopathy around Cambridge

Thierry Clerc - Homeopath & Metabolic Balance Nutritionist

116 Ramsden Square, Cambridge CB4 2BL, UK – 01223 655300

I am more than pleased to have engaged in your Thierry Clerc's Metabolic Balance Program. Having met with you earlier this year and investigated the art of helping me to lose weight I decided to employ your course of action. I must say I was amazed by simply putting together a program based upon my blood sample that would actually work. I stand here today extremely happy to have hit my target to shed 35lbs in three months. All without ever being hungry. I have never in my life been on a diet but conversely the eating plan you developed for me was spot on and frankly I was a bit skeptical at the start. But your plan for me came up trumps and I now have a plan for life. My body feels extremely Better and Healthier. I will not hesitate to continue to recommend your services in the future. Thank you for your great work and timely performance

I initially came to see Mr Clerc about 8 or 9 years ago when I suffered from a severe illness. His approach, based on nutrition and re-balancing the body's ability to heal and function, has greatly helped me. I still come and see him about once or twice a year when I visit my family in Cambridge. I feel that this helps me to stay healthy and well.

Raphael Neu Homeopathy

63 Tavistock Rd, Cambridge CB4 3NB, UK – 07766 734978

Integral Homeopathy

St Andrew's Rd, Cambridge CB4 1DH, UK – 01223 460665

Occupational Therapists

Cambridge Academic Performance

Future Business Centre, Kings Hedges Rd, Cambridge CB4 2HY, UK – 07933 151828

Histon Ophthalmic Opticians

17A High St, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9JD, UK – 01223 237438

Very good service and eye care you can rely on.

Boots Pharmacy

68 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge CB4 1EP, UK – 01223 355055

I haven't had a text message from them about when my prescription is ready i have tried phoning them and i only get the fax machine

A & I Lask

42 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge CB4 1EN, UK – 01223 357303


Teddy Brookes Osteopathy

25 Oxford Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PH, UK – 01223 315400

Excellent service

Cambridge Osteopathy

Prime Time Fitness, Oakington Road, Girton, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0QH, UK – 07986 767702

This was my first visit to an Osteopath, so I was a little apprehensive. Luckily Bethany is really helpful and knowledgeable and I found the experience to be very beneficial. She was able to give me advice on some minor joint issues, and recommended exercises and stretches that would help me to recover (she sent email copies of my exercises too). The massage and stretching made me feel more balanced, and she diagnosed other postural alignments that I could address in my home/gym exercises. It was good to hear I wasn’t causing any more damage during my fitness routines, and be given strategies for improvement. A very positive experience for me!

I went for a sports massage with Bethany on short notice since I was in so much pain. I asked for deep tissue and it was one of the best I have had since moving to the UK! She really focused on my troubled parts/areas that were causing me pain and worked into them and gave a proper deep tissue massage (which by my experience, is difficult to find!) She moved my arms around to be able to work into deeper knots and areas under my scapula. She also showed me exercises and gave me some to take home to stretch. I will be returning ASAP! Thanks Bethany


76 Gilbert Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PD, UK – 01223 237459

Away from home and carrying out some particularly repetitive physical work I was in agony with shoulders and had numbness going into both arms. I needed a massage to loosen me up to see me through the rest of the week. I am not new to sports massage and so know it's a) not normally a pleasant experience and b) not a quick fix. I looked at those local to where I was staying and this place had good reviews. Don't be put off by the fact it is a residential address as the treatment room(s) are every bit as professional as those you would find at a centre or unit. I was a bit nervous as I usually see a woman therapist when I'm at home and this was a guy so I was a little uneasy but I didn't need to be and in fact I wish he was local to me as I would definitely see him again - I saw Mike, there are several therapists. I felt completely at ease and could tell he knew his stuff and if I'm honest probably has a bit more strength behind him than my usual therapist. I paid £42 for an hour and it was worth every penny. I'm not suddenly better and I'm sore from the treatment but I know already I am looser and will feel the benefit tomorrow!!

Roger has sorted my husbands back out after docs just giving pain killers which are not much use when your back has locked up. We have used Rodger for over 20 years now when he first started off in his front room at Oakington. He is a very pleasant man who believes in going in hard with his treatment but when you are in agony it is better to go this way rather than several soft appointments. If you have a bad back Roger is your man. Thank you Roger please don't ever go into full retirement

Physiotherapy in CB4

Gilbert Road Physiotherapy

134 Gilbert Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PB, UK – 01223 502832

Mrs. MacLeod literally changed my life. Unlike pretty much every physio I'd encountered before, she took the time to listen and properly diagnose me, then give me the treatment I needed. I no longer walk with a cane, which is down to her, and I have a much better understanding of how to manage my ongoing condition. I would - and have! - recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who needs good physiotherapy care.

Cambridge City Physiotherapy Clinic

Chesterton Sports Centre, Gilbert Road, Cambridge CB4 3NY, UK – 01223 368886

I can highly recommend Karen White. She has helped me recover from ITBS and has given me good advice on how to prevent the injury recurring. Hopefully I won't need to see her again for a while but if I do need to see a physio again I would go back to her again.

Spinal Physio

124 Gilbert Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PD, UK – 01223 350622

I have been using Kevin as my physio since pretty well the first week he opened - which must be going on over ten years now. He is exceptional. There are very few physios, in my rather long and painful experience, who have the holy triumvirate of: osteopathic, physio and trigger point needling (aka western acupuncture...) skills. Kevin knows how to use them all if you wish him to. He's like a miracle worker. I feel slightly ambivalent about posting a review as it might encourage others to go to see him and then I'm going to have difficulty getting an appointment. Ah well. Must be altruistic about these things.

Having just found out from an MRI scan that i had a prolapse spinal disc, my company nurse advised me to seek physio. Though the clinic is 45 mins drive for me i'm glad i choose these guys. Professional and friendly and give good advice. well worth a visit.

Psychiatrists serving CB4

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

30 New Rd, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9EL, UK – 01223 266900

Today my partner had a hip operation at spire, I would return if required. The staff were polite and helpful, the service was lovely too. The hostess carol was honestly lovely and so helpful. They provided for me also for very reasonable cost. The room was clean and spacious with an attached bathroom that was clean and tidy. The beds are comfy (as far as hospital beds go) and quite nicely actually featured a real duvet (nicer than that weird blanket thing you get in normal hospital). I would recommend.

Well organised with absolutely wonderful staff. Many thanks to all those who looked after me.

CPFT Psychological Wellbeing Service (IAPT)

Chesterton Medical Centre, Union Lane, Cambridge CB4 1PX, UK – 0300 300 0055

I feel very proud to work for the service we provide, in both the compassionate and empathic approach we adopt alongside offering effective evidence-based treatments where suitable. Staff wellbeing and professional development is treated as a fundamental role to upholding everything that we are and do.

I am an employee for this service. Everyone is committed to continual improvement and quality of service. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels that they need support.

Dr Luise Weigel

30 New Rd, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9EL, UK – 01284 716073

Psychotherapy around Cambridge

Cambridge Therapy Centre

St John's Innovation Centre, Milton, Cambridge CB4 0WS, UK – 01223 645678

Psychotherapy In Cambridge

37 Lawrence Way, Cambridge CB4 2PR, UK – 07914 348810

Kirsty Campbell Counsellor in Cambridge

45 Oak Tree Ave, Cambridge CB4 1AZ, UK

NHS Choices website with details of Stop Smoking Services, contact information and location map. Search for help to quit smoking in Cambridge

Reflexology around Cambridge

Reflexology Health Cambridge

77 Tavistock Rd, Cambridge CB4 3NB, UK – 07852 479154

As a parent of three small kids I've been struggling to sleep well or find much time to rest. I've not really considered Reflexology before but had heard good things about it recently so thought I'd give it a go and as Lotus is someone I know I thought I'd put my trust in her. To be honest I did not expect the treatment to be as good as it was. Lotus created an atmosphere of calm and serenity that was really comfortable, even luxurious! the treatment was really relaxing, and I fell into a lovely deep meditative state without actually falling asleep. Lotus really knew her stuff, explaining what she working on and what to expect as as she went along, but without breaking the serenity. I felt very restored after the session and will make this a regular monthly visit from now on. Really very good.

Having reflexology treatments from Lotus was an extremely relaxing experience. I always slept well after each treatment and the sessions also reduced my stress levels and the negative effect this was having on my health. Lotus is a knowledgeable reflexologist who provides a calming and relaxing environment for her clients and I would happily recommend her to anyone.

The Therapy Room Cambridge

25 Oxford Rd, Cambridge CB4 3PH, UK – 01223 315400

2 month old daughter as been told she had tightness in her back and shoulders. There seems to be lots of doctors available here who each have different medical skills. varying in age as well. My osteopath look rather young but he know his stuff and has really helped my little girl with her balance and preparing to have her tongue-tie fixed. I would definitely go back if I ever feel the need to . Decent prices as well so not overcharged for what you get. The Parking can be difficult as is pretty much down a street, but both times I went I was lucky to get into the parking on the side of the house.

We had a great experience with osteopath Teddy Brooks - reliable, and with a golden touch. You see immediate results.

Twitchyfeet Reflexology

24 Arbury Rd, Cambridge CB4 2JE, UK – 01223 351217